You have helped me in many ways....just being you and your lovely self, u have been there with lovely positive words when I have been low and you xxxx

Patricia Jane Middleton

Deanna Black is a benign force of nature. She brings a refreshing honesty and commitment to her work that uplifts the spirit and relieves both the body and psyche of all tension. She has unleashed a current of creativity within me, which has resulted in a flow of energy I have not experienced in years. I recommend her services to all artists, who are stuck and adrift. ~ Charles Dennis, author and filmmaker

You have changed my life! Made me realize a lot of things that separate the negative from the positive. Made me have more confidence and made me into a better mama to my beautiful children ! I love you xxxxx

Olivia Zoey Hunter

When I was working for nationwide I was in a slump when I was there and then I would see you with a smile on your face and holding this aura of positivity. It makes people draw themselves to you, anyway every time I would come in to work I would see you and you could tell what kind of mood I was in and not a lot of people can read me. So I think you are an incredibly empathic person. Anyway you were always such a good listener and very good at lifting peoples spirits especially when they needed it most. You made me feel that its ok to have a dream and believe in your own talent. sometimes I still need to be reminded of that but I think fondly of the fact that someone showed me that kind of support and encouragement. There are not a lot of people out there who are like that and I thank you for that and for the kind uplifting words you gave me.

Jeevan Sandhu

Good morning Deanna, 
I cannot thank you enough for everything you did yesterday. Your gift has a value beyond measure and your dedication to it is inspiring. The validation, clarity, confidence and tools you gave Elise has made a visible difference to her outlook and for that I will forever be grateful.

Warm Regards,

Hello Deanna,
just wanted to let you know that my experience of the great reflexology massage that you gave me made me believe that your name "Deanna" really suits you!  :))
At the end of the session it seemed that i have known you for years but I'm sure that you hear this a lot!
Hope to see you again and i definitely suggest people to let that "Divine" power flow to their body by your hands.

Gave me a bit of advice, was helpful and I appreciate the time spent just for the few words of wisdom thank you for that.

Gemma Roberts

Hi Deanna,
It was so nice to meet you today.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful reflexology session.
I feel so  much better after it.
My legs feel so much stronger and there is a lot less pain.

You really seem to know a lot about me, considering today was the first day we met.
Thank you again so much.
I will be back for further sessions with you.

Hi Deanna,
It was pleasure meeting you today. You're great at what you are doing .Your knowledge mesmerized me and you are a caring personality you made me so comfortable through out the session.  In a very short time, I learned a lot  about my body. You exactly pointed out all my physical problems and how to treat them which to be honest with no doctor told me before.

Thank you again


I had the delightful pleasure of having Deanna as my reflexologist by chance.  The day I booked an appt. for a reflexology appt. I had no idea what a treat I was in for.  By luck or fate, I’m not sure which one, Deanna was the one to administer my reflexology treatment.

 From the initial meeting and right to the end Deanna was 100% professional and had me floating on a cloud when I left.  She is very skillful at what she does and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.  It is quite apparent after the first 10 mins. into the treatment that she knows her craft quite well.  She is very knowledgeable about how your feet relate to the entire body and the importance of keeping ones body in check.

I now consider Deanna to be “my” reflexologist on a regular basis and would encourage anyone who has not had the opportunity to experience the remarkable work she does, to pick up the phone, book an appointment and treat yourself….you won’t be disappointed.  In fact, you will mostly likely return just like I did.

 Ellen W.

Good Morning Deanna.
On Wednesday afternoon I had a foot Reflexology Treatment with daughter Margeaux was there with me.
I want to let you know that my feet feel so much better and I will come and see you again soon. The difference has been incredible!!!!
Thank you Deanna, see you soon


You have helped me a lot in many ways, support, listening and good advice...

Ben Zulu

Thank you for sending me away with positive thoughts and good direction. Hope you have a positive day yourself :)


You have been simply AMAZING Deanna. Not only are you a fantastic hypnotist, with a big heart of gold, you are an amazing friend. I miss you lots and lots, and although I am not always organized enough to keep in touch as regularly as I'd like, just know that you are one of a kind, and you are always in my thoughts. So full of positive and vibrant energy. The other day my friend Nu, (who you met at the party) asked about you and said you made her feel much better that day (she was down at the time) and you uplifted her with positive energy. Believe in yourself Deanna because everyone else does. Much love, xxxxx

Janine Griffiths

Deanna Black is an established Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Reflexologist and Therapeutic Touch Therapist. Fortunately holding degrees from "The Ontario Hypnosis Center" & "The Royal Canadian College of Massage". She has been gifted numerous testimonials crediting her as an Astounding Empathetic Healer. Continuously unveiling her life path Deanna takes great measures of excitement as the pursuit to revealing a deeper sense/meaning to life in this world.

Starting with the forms of ancient "medicines"(a word we are so accustomed to hearing). Flipping the script with an opposed route of Natural Healing Modalities. Using the knowledge/skills she has acquired, energies available, as well as obtaining assistance from Spiritual connections to assist others.

 Being able to guide clients towards their desired lifestyles. Even if it may be to drop addictions, overcome overwhelming stressors, relinquish fears & phobias, understanding lifestyle habits, as well as developing spiritual growth. But it does not always need to be a huge commitment when visiting Deanna with the wonders of her trades she can rescue your day with an abundance of relaxation.


Deanna has helped me follow the right path and the most important thing is to follow my heart. I've been through some tragic situations in my time but because of Deanna's amazing guidance I am a strong women today. I've had many successful hypnosis sessions.  I felt relaxed and refreshed like I've taken a bath it's brilliant! I genuinely couldn't have asked for a better strong independent women with fantastic skills and the power to change people's lives for the better. Deanna's hypnosis all the way!! 10/10

Sabina Khan